Yaeji Reimagines PAC-MAN Theme for Bandai’s “PAC-TIVE” Campaign: Listen

Yaeji and DiAN have put a clever spin on an old video game classic with "PAC-TIVE." The world's most famous yellow, concave, ghost-eating character receives a new theme song fit for the present era, designed to revive the PAC-MAN legacy.  

Yaeji masterfully drops in subtle PAC-MAN calling cards to the perfect degree, creating a balance between nostalgic sonics while crafting something entirely new and catchy in its own right. The acutely aware will be sure to catch variations of PAC-MAN effects including the protagonist's iconic "waka waka" sounds of consumption.

The surreal video reimagines the iconic franchise in a whole new capacity, driven by the visual stylings of WEiRDCORE, who has previously worked with electronic music artists such as Aphex Twin.

Working with Japanese collective DiAN, the artists add the catchiness and spark needed to have this track running through your mind all day. Perhaps it's all by design as the track clocks in at just over two minutes, making it very difficult to put down after just one listen. It's an especially good quality given the song launches along with developer Bandai's "PAC-TIVE" initiative, which is encouraging people to be active in body, mind, and within their community. 


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