Your EDM Premiere: Topic x Vigiland x Christoper – Let Us Love

New out today as a three-way collaboration is the superb ‘Let Us Love.’ Produced by Topic and Vigiland and ably supported by vocalist Christopher, this is a sound that you need to help bring in the weekend.

The dance party heavyweights Vigiland draw on their experience from cuts like ‘Friday Night,’ whilst the awesome Topic has already had smash hits with Nico Santos and Ally Brooke.

‘Let Us Love’ comes from a place organic creation, with Topic explaining: “Myself and Alex Tidebrink had been on a writing trip in Los Angeles. After a night out we have started working on ‘Let Us Love.’ Alex just sang melodies to one my instrumentals but we were too tired to judge if it was good or bad. But when we listened to the song again the next morning, we both found it extremely cool so finished the song and produced it as much as possible. Alex then played the song to Vigiland and Christopher and both and wanted to get involved.”

We love its smooth vocals Danish powerhouse Christopher, whilst there is some vibrant instrumentals layered throughout and a bubbling beat that keeps on giving.

Take a listen to our premiere below.