Yultron Delivers Wild Remix For Blue Foundation x Zeds Dead Classic "Eyes On Fire"

Along with “White Satin,” one Zeds Dead’s most legendary songs in their incredibly large discography is still their remix “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation. First released in 2009 — and actually coming up on its 10th anniversary in October — this is one those tracks that made many fall in love with bass music in the first place.

It’s been 10 years since then, and a lot has changed, and new names have come up. Yultron is one those producers making huge waves and a big name for himself lately and chose to take on this classic and retool it for his own audience and for 2019.

The song starts f as normal, except with some slight modifications to the percussion. Then, in the rise up to the drop we get our real first new element: breakbeat. It’s a great way to build suspense and signal a listener that they’re about to hear something wild. Sure enough, the drop is modified and maybe even wubbier than the original. I’ve gotta say, Yultron did a phenomenal job here keeping the vibes the original and bringing it a new, fresh sound.

Of course, he couldn’t just stop there. The next drop brings his current sound to the table with a minimal psytrance drop, slowly introducing more energy bit by bit until it seamlessly moves back into dubstep.

There’s not much I can think to make this tribute/remix/homage any better than it already is. Yultron clearly has a great deal respect and admiration for Zeds Dead and this remix is all the pro you need. Check it out below.