Zedd and Disclosure’s Bubbly Collab Is a Conscious Reminder to Practice Self-Acceptance

A dream collab between Zedd and Disclosure has hit streaming platforms.

It's rare for artists of this caliber to collaborate on new music. And they've met the moment with "You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free," a bubbly dance anthem that moonlights as a morsel of sage advice.

Replete with lush production, the track beautifully bridges the gap between Zedd and Disclosure's signature approaches to sound design. It's poetry in motion and—thanks to its galvanizing vignette within—a conscious reminder to practice self-acceptance in the face of anxiety.

"Lyrically this song is my coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety," Zedd explained in a press release. "Sometimes you need to remember where you are instead of holding onto where you want to be. Whether you’re socially anxious, too drunk, or even loving life, I hope that you dance to this song and remember that you’re free!"

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Zedd and Disclosure's Bubbly Collab Is a Conscious Reminder to Practice Self-Acceptance

Zedd said the lyrics of "You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free" are a "coping mechanism" for his bouts with anxiety.

Additional comments by Disclosure's Guy Lawrence paint a picture of harmonious chemistry with Zedd, who said their studio session was "incredibly collaborative, creative, inspiring and most importantly FUN," according to a press release.

"We have known [Zedd] for several years but never had the opportunity to get in the same room and make some noise together," gushed Guy, who said the song came together in just one day. "When the time came, he arrived with one of his analog synthesizers and started jamming on it. He pretty much came up with the whole bassline to the tune in one take playing it by hand which was blowing my mind—it inspired the vibe of the whole song."

"While I was tinkering with the drums, Howard [Lawrence, of Disclosure] was coming up with the lyrics and melodies," Guy continued. "We all kind of chimed in as to how it should flow, how the structure of this song should rise and fall based off of Anton‘s bassline and built the harmonies on top of that. It pretty much came together in a day as all of our favorite ones seem to do so."

You can stream "You’ve Got To Let Go If You Want To Be Free" here.


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