Zedd Claps Back After Internet Troll Calls “Stay” The Worst Song Ever

Whether you enjoy popular music or not, you have to admit — it’s popular for a reason. Millions people listen to hits on the radio and stream them over and over again. That’s simply what makes them hits.

Zedd couldn’t help but snap back at a fan who dubbed his song “Stay” with Alessia Cara as “the would’s worst and most annoying song ever.” He could have easily read the comment and scrolled by, but there was a point to be made here.

“Somewhere between working our asses f day & night and trying to create something we love we must have accidentally created the world’s worst song.”

The song did hit number one on the  Mainstream Top 40, by the way.

Well played, Zedd.

Zedd “World’s Worst Song”


Photo Rukes.com