Zedd Opens Up About Next Album, Reunites With Maren Morris for Bubbly Collab, “Make You Say”

It's hard to believe it's been almost five years since Zedd and Maren Morris released "The Middle." Feel old yet?

The two have now reunited for "Make You Say," a bubbly collab co-written with Charlie Puth and produced alongside dance music production duo BEAUZ.

Zedd said the new track "is the kickoff of a new chapter" as he records his next album, his first since 2015's chart-topping True Colors. Speaking with Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1, he opened up about the album's musical direction.

"My next big project is my album and I started that before the pandemic. I actually sent you a song that I was working on. That is a little bit darker," Zedd said. "The feeling of the album is going to have some happy moments and some hands-up moments, but that is still my direction for the record. It's going to be dance-heavy, but I'm trying to incorporate some of my early influences in the song I sent you, which is a little bit dark and twisted to classical music, which I'm remaking an old classical piece. So that's my next big project, but it's definitely going to live in the dance world."

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Zedd Opens Up About Next Album, Reunites With Maren Morris for Bubbly Collab, "Make You Say"

Co-produced by BEAUZ co-written with Charlie Puth, the record arrives over four years since the release of "The Middle."

Zedd also reflected on "The Middle" and gushed about reuniting with Morris, who said she "had big shoes to fill" after being tasked with replacing Puth's vocal on the original demo.

"The first time with 'The Middle,' it was just her voice," Zedd said. "At that time when I heard the vocal, I actually didn't know much about Maren's background or what kind of music she comes from. I just heard a demo. I don't even know if the file was labeled anything that would give away who the vocalist was. I literally just listened for the color and I think Maren's voice just has everything that a good voice needs. It's got character. You immediately can tell who it is. She has this amazing rasp, which to me is always a bit of emotion that I look for."

You can find "Make You Say" on streaming platforms here.

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