ZHU Drops Amazon Summer Session Playlist Featuring New Single “Z-Train”

Just days ago, news dropped that ZHU will soon drop three new tracks celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pokémon. Now, he's already back with another new dose of music.

In a partnership with Amazon Music, the enigmatic producer released a 27-track "Summer Session" playlist, featuring some of his favorite summertime hits. In case that wasn't enough for fans, the opening track on the playlist is a new single titled "Z-Train," released exclusively on the platform.

In true ZHU fashion, the track starts off with an otherworldly, atmospheric intro, before twinkly keys take center stage. The train then derails and speeds into a neon-soaked beat before closing out with some bright synths. The final product is appropriately titled as the whole song feels like a journey on and off the rails across another one of ZHU's unique soundscapes.

ZHU's "Summer Session" playlist—including his new single "Z-Train"—is out now. Amazon Music subscribers can check out both of the new releases below.

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ZHU Drops Amazon Summer Session Playlist Featuring New Single "Z-Train"

The playlist opens up with his new song "Z-Train," which was released exclusively on Amazon Music.


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