1001Tracklists Reveals Top Tracks of 2019 & One Artist Has the Top 2

1001Tracklists just put out its annual report, A State Dance Music 2019.

As the go-to source for festival tracklists, the site keeps a running tally on artists, tracks, and their tracklists — down to the details including mashups, edits and IDs. In 2019, over 36,000 tracklists were added and over 81,000 new tracks were logged into the database.

Thus, 1001Tracklists has a firm grasp on what’s happening in the industry, from festivals to radio shows, the artists and the labels that support them, and everything in between. This report is essentially a deep dive into the trends and numbers that defined 2019, another amazing year for dance music around the world.

Below, you’ll find the 1001Tracklists’ Top Tracks 2019 — the top 10 most supported tracks the year.

See the full report here, including top festivals, sets, labels, and much more.

1001Tracklists: Top Tracks 2019

1. “Losing It” – Fisher
2. “You Little Beauty” – Fisher
3. “Piece Your Heart” – Meduza ft. Goodboys
4. “King My Castle” (Don Diablo Edit) – Keanu Silva
5. “Nobody Else” – Axwell
6. “Breathe” (ft. Jem Cooke) – CamelPhat & Cristoph
7. “Fever” – Don Diablo & CID
8. “I’m Not Alone” (CamelPhat Remix) – Calvin Harris
9. “I Feel It” – Leftwing : Kody
10. “Grapevine” – Tiesto 


Photo Rukes.com