Above & Beyond Partner With Amazon Music to Share Playlist of Songs Remixed In Spatial Audio

Immersive and spatial audio are becoming the next step forward in audio.

Trance group Above & Beyond have now teamed up with Amazon Music to share remixes in Dolby Atmos' spatial audio format. Reworked tracks include "Almost Home," "Screwdriver," and "1995" by gardenstate.

When listening to the album, take note of how various synths and percussive instruments are placed in the mix. The percussion seems larger, synths have more room to move amongst the melodies, and time-based effects (like delay and reverb) fill in the space much more fluidly, giving the tracks a totally new feel.

Listen to Above & Beyond and Amazon Music's spatial audio playlist below.

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Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond Partner With Amazon Music to Share Playlist of Songs Remixed In Spatial Audio

Tracks reworked in Dolby Atmos' spatial audio format include Above & Beyond's "Almost Home" and "Screwdriver."

Spatial audio is a new form of technology that brings a surround sound experience to everyday users without the need for expensive hardware. Apple announced their implementation of the technology within their AirPods and Beats lineup earlier this summer and Apple Music subscribers receive the feature at no additional cost.

According to PC Mag, "Instead of simply mixing audio to 5.1 or 7.1 channels (the x.1 is the subwoofer, which isn't directional), it maps individual audio sources to different positions in a 3D space around you. It’s meant to provide a much more immersive spatial feel for your home theater, similar to what you get in a theater or live space."

Above & Beyond recently released their 10-year anniversary album of Group Therapy just this past week. It featured remixes of the group's music from Oliver Heldens, Manila Killa, Kasablanca, and more. The release also came with a vinyl box set that included six total records, a slipmat, and prints. 


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