AC Slater Retains His Throne Among House Music Royalty with New Album [OUT NOW]

AC Slater‘s latest album has been bumping all weekend long — and if you haven’t listened already, it’s about time you do.

Hi8 is dripping with nostalgia and vibes. The album hits just right, which is to be expected from this master producer, but AC Slater also pushes boundaries and serves up something incredibly, undeniably different than the usual.

Diversity is key as he works in feel-good, sing-along productions and gritty, grimy heaters just itching to pop f. Collaborators Jack Beats, Chris LorenzoPurple Velvet Curtains, Petey Clicks and more only lend to the album’s versatile nature.

As the intro states, this one goes out to the originators, the innovators, the outsiders. The DJs, producers, MCs, record labels, promoters and the fans. It pays homage to the greats, the icons, the pioneers — the ones who gave us inspiration and energy. It’s all about the scene we love so much, a scene rising and growing with positivity. ‘

AC Slater is a real one, building community through his music. This is one those albums that will lift you up when you’re down and lift you even higher when you need it most.

With all that being said, put your dancing pants on and listen to Hi8 here.

AC Slater – Hi8