MineSweepa Releases Epic New Single "Fake ID"

DJ-producer, MineSweepa, has never failed to successfully mix genres within one single track. It is no surprise that in his newest track, “Fake ,” that he does just the same. The new track features a combination electronic, hip-hop, and trap music that effectively flows together. If you are looking for something to listen to that is unlike anything you might have heard lately, then you should definitely give this track a shot. Looking for a song that you can really vibe to may seem a little difficult nowadays. Fortunately, MineSweepa guarantees great yet powerful vibes.

The talented music maker had a few things to say about the inspiration behind “Fake ID:”

“When I wrote this song, I just got home from gooning with my friends and being delinquents haha. That was the energy I was on at the time and it just fit. I don’t want to drop any names, but one my friends got in trouble for a fake ID and that was what inspired the song. This song is meant to be played once you get back from the party and your not ready to sleep yet so you kinda just do bad sh*t with your friends.”

Take a listen to the new track below.