Beta 2.0 Fails Inspections, Cancels Opening Hours Before Doors

What used to be Denver’s pre-eminate nightclub, Beta, is having a hard time getting back on its feet. After closing its doors nearly a year ago, it announced in April that it would be reopening as Beta 2.0, followed by another update last month a private, ticketed sneak peek the venue.

Now, ahead that, Beta 2.0 has issued an apology to guests and staff after failing to pass certain inspections on the grounds that were required for them to open.

“Unfortunately, there were some last minute inspections that we did not pass. For the safety all our guests and staff, we cannot open for the Sneak Peek tonight. We have been working 24/7 to ensure things are ready to go in order to guarantee the best experience for all who attend Beta 2.0.

We] will honor tickets purchased for tonight for any upcoming show once we are open.”

No word on when that could possibly be, or what the inspection failure was. In the meantime, the club is missing out on some precious end summer nights.