San Holo Gifts His Disabled AirBnB Host His Own Home Production Studio

Any artist can give a fan down on their luck a ticket to a show… and honestly, it’s one the best ways for artists to give back to their fans. But how many can say that they’ve built a home studio set up for their disabled AirBnB host? Probably just San Holo.

Not much, if anything, is known about Paul apart from what San Holo himself has shared. We can assume from the wheelchair that he suffers from some sort disability that has made it difficult for him to walk; and we can assume that for some reason, he had to stop making music — perhaps something to do with the disability.

Regardless all this, San Holo and his team felt it was their duty to get Paul back in the studio and, from the look on Paul’s face, he’s clearly happy about the set up he’s been gifted.

Kudos to San and his whole team for this wonderful gift. See it below.