Akeos’ Production Genius Shines On Versatile EP, “Flesh Garden”

With each and every release, Akeos continues to showcase why her skill set has received so much attention early on in her career. The EDM.com Class of 2022 inductee has once again impressed on her latest EP, Flesh Garden, out via Never Say Die.

The EP is a scintillating display of talent, reinforcing Akeos as one of the scene's most promising and versatile production minds to watch. It's her most complete project to date, encapsulating the highly refined skill set she's developed thus far.

Flesh Garden features four masterfully constructed tracks filled to the brim with brilliant sound design. It opens with "Void Virus," a menacing and relentless cut replete with forward-thinking sound design. Akeos' infectious bass house tune "PLZW8" comes next, though it isn't what fans may expect. The hollow percussion combined with ambient sounds and plucky synths gives it an eerie yet danceable feel.

Flesh Garden's final two tracks, "KHZ" and "Desolate" (with Nvctve), are otherworldly. The former is a rumbling drum & bass smash, opening with a slow, ethereal feel that quickly transforms into a club-shaking, jump-up drop. The latter is just as mind-bending, with a drop that slowly creeps in and allows a wave of bass to take center stage.

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Akeos Flesh Garden EP

Akeos' Production Genius Shines On Versatile EP, "Flesh Garden"

Akeos masterfully flows between genres on her latest Never Say Die release.

Listen to Flesh Garden on all streaming platforms here.


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