Alison Wonderland & Quix Drop New Collab Inspired by Tripping Balls [MUST LISTEN]

Alison Wonderland‘s trippiest production to date has arrived in the form “TIME” with Quix.

The powerhouse artists make for a dynamic match with this straight up magical new single. According to the two, AW and Quix had a “long harbored” desire to work together and now it has finally come to be.

“TIME” truly seems to stand still as the production moves its way through a dark club atmosphere with low end anticipation. The synth work is thoughtful, flawless, and instinctual to vibe out to. Much how time changes everything, the deep, reflective journey speeds up with little warning, taking a turn into a more bass heavy realm. Again, the synth work is out this world.

Here’s what Wonderland had to say about the song:

Tbh I came up with the idea making a song that stretches time whilst i was tripping. This has been one my favorite & most fun songs to make. I hope it takes you all on a journey.

Did we mention AW’s vocals here? They’re amazing — and she recorded them all through her iPhone’s voice memo. The track oozes with imagination and creativity and her lyrical vision is truly the finishing touch.

Listen here and let us know if you’re loving “TIME” as much as we are!

Alison Wonderland x Quix – TIME