ALWZ SNNY Plays a Real-World Game of Monopoly In “I’ll Be Alive” Music Video

Dance music producer ALWZ SNNY is back with one of his strongest releases to date, a progressive house anthem called "I'll Be Alive."

The track is uplifting in nature, featuring a poignant topline and ALWZ SNNY's typical bubbly sound design. The lyrics invite listeners to embrace life and squeeze all the juice they can out of it—a theme we can all relate to after the isolation of the pandemic: "They say I'm a drifter 'cause I'm always on another road, maybe all the answers are a million miles away from home."

ALWZ SNNY expands on the storyline in a brilliant music video, directed by JDFilms. The song's wanderlust motif is fleshed out by way of a real-world game of Monopoly, where the game's pieces—like the banker and boat—are represented by humans in everyday situations.

"Growing up, I loved playing Monopoly," ALWZ SNNY said in an Instagram post. "I always thought how cool it would be a real life character in the game! Obviously, my character would be SNNY!"

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ALWZ SNNY Plays a Real-World Game of Monopoly In "I'll Be Alive" Music Video

The progressive house track is one of ALWZ SNNY's strongest releases to date.

"Around the DMV, I would always see physical locations that were Monopoly properties," he continued. "I kept a photographic memory of them, waiting for the right opportunity to make a video using them!"

Check out the official "I'll Be Alive" music video below.