Anabel Englund Drops Spellbinding Debut Album "Messing with Magic"

Los Angeles singer, DJ, songwriter, and performance artist Anabel Englund has truly created something magical with her debut album Messing with Magic. A spellbinding 10-track collection of enchanting melodies and silky house beats, the album features talents such as MK, Nightlapse, Lee Foss, and Jamie Jones

While still remaining extremely cohesive, this collection manages to take you on a journey of epic proportions. Danceable house tracks like "Warm Disco," "Picture Us," "Underwater," "Messing With Magic," and MK and Nightlapse's remix of "So Hot" keep things upbeat while her dreamier songs like "Float," "Spell My Name," and "Burn It" provide more etherial melodies as a perfect balance. Regularly citing her inspiration from Madonna, Englund demonstrates that she is dance music’s very own Queen of Pop with her velvety vocals and emotive lyrics and performances.

Check out the record in full below.

In 2012 Englund made her first foray into dance music when she joined the British-American group Hot Natured. Their single “Reverse Skydiving” landed her on the map and has since garnered over 15.2 million streams on Spotify alone. More recently she released tracks with the likes of Disciples, Dirty South, TCTS, Detlef, and Mike Mago, and has worked with some of the most respected DJs and producers in dance music. 

“This album is about hope, love and connection. And it’s about being mystical, playful, exploring and being safe to explore," Englund told Forbes. "To me, magic is having hope that there is a better life, that there is the ability to be a better human, trusting in that and being that. Then evolving into that and seeing the results of that. So to me, it’s like messing with the highest power within yourself."