Armin van Buuren Employs Array of AI Tech to Deliver New Single, “Computers Take Over the World”

If there's any question about the future of AI as a productivity enhancer, Armin van Buuren is removing all doubt.

With his latest single, the superstar DJ and electronic music producer teamed up with an AI to co-create a bouncy, psytrance-inspired track fit for the mainstage. 

The appropriately titled "Computers Take Over the World" essentially doubles as an AI-narrated walkthrough for producing a festival-ready dance beat. Like a true collaboration, the innovative approach in teaming up with AI manages to maintain some of van Buuren's signature sonics while offering some qualitatively new flavors into the equation.

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Armin van Buuren Employs Array of AI Tech to Deliver New Single, "Computers Take Over the World"

From cover art generation to writing a press release, there's an AI for that.

AI's involvement as a co-creator on the song itself is really only half the story, however. Further demonstrating the vast capabilities of the technology, van Buuren tapped into a variety of AI-driven tools to assist with everything from album art to writing the press release that was ultimately shared with

While the underlying sentiments of "Computers Take Over The World" are admittedly tongue-in-cheek, the campaign is certainly a powerful testament to the versatility of the new generation of AI-driven technologies pervading the creative sector. As modern artists are expected to play an ever-increasing number of roles in order to advance their careers, perhaps AI will be more of a friend to them than a foe.