Ivy Lab Announce New Album, Drop Haunting Music Video for “Balaclava”

Experimental electronic duo Ivy Lab are back again with “Balaclava,” the first single from their forthcoming LP, Infinite Falling Ground.

Written over the last six months, Infinite Falling Ground has the feel of the duo’s most expansive and honest body of work to-date. Set to be released later in 2022, the album is said to explores themes like pain, regret and catharsis, according to a press release.

Their new single "Balaclava" challenges the preconceived notions of an Ivy Lab release, elevating their electronic roots to a whole new level. The track, which Ivy Lab called "the calling card for the whole project," finds melancholic synths swirling through thumping kicks as soulful vocals swell. And it comes with a haunting audiovisual, which alchemizes sadness with the surreal.

Watch the “Balaclava” music video below.

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Ivy Lab

Ivy Lab Announce New Album, Drop Haunting Music Video for "Balaclava"

Ivy Lab's "Infinite Falling Ground" LP is set to be released in the coming months.

"Infinite Falling Ground is an ode to arguments," Ivy Lab said in a joint statement. "It's the residual regret from moments of passive aggression, an exploration of non-apologies, and a confrontation with the unfairness we're failing to achieve catharsis after."

"We're not known to bear our hearts on our sleeve, certainly not in our online footprint, and not often through our music," they continued. "Much of our previous work is born of a whimsical combination of abstract studio-luck & DJ booth fixation. And whilst most if not all of these tracks began life under that same 'caught-a-vibe' form of design, they were completed with much heavier expectations. It might be our first body of work that escapes the gravity of our own imposter syndromes."

Ivy Lab also announced that they’ll be taking their ambitious new audiovisual concept on the road for a winter tour. As portrayed in “Balaclava,” the visuals will display "somber" visual clips behind their eerie bass soundscapes.

You can listen to “Balaclava” on streaming platforms here.


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