Audien Unveils Nostalgic Progressive House Anthem, “Drifting Away”

There's one flag that Audien isn't afraid to let fly, and it's his love of progressive house. 

So goes the artist's latest, "Drifting Away" (with Joe Jury), a scene-setting anthem that captures the otherworldly magic of its title. Featuring a sprinkling of keys and lush synths, the track finds Jury's voice floating like velvet above a celestial soundscape before it elevates into its heart-pumping drop. Altogether, "Drifting Away" is as nostalgic as it is invigorating. 

"That's the magic of progressive house: it's timeless," Audien tells "And I think 'Drifting Away' encapsulates that. It's a timeless classic."

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Audien Unveils Nostalgic Progressive House Anthem, "Drifting Away"

"That's the magic of progressive house: it’s timeless. And I think 'Drifting Away' encapsulates that."

It's all perfectly on-theme with Audien's ongoing "Progressive House Never Dies Tour," which kicked off in June with a series of dates in Texas.

"It's was magical seeing fan reactions to progressive house banger after banger," Audien added. "I came back after every show with a renewed sense of energy and love for the scene and really worked on channeling that into this record." 

You can listen to "Drifting Away" here and buy tickets to Audien's upcoming shows here. 

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