ARMNHMR Channel Inspiration Through Isolation On New EP, “Waiting For Love”

After teasing a collection of new music with a handful of singles and embarking on an eponymous tour, ARMNHMR have unveiled their latest EP, Waiting For Love.

Waiting For Love draws from ARMNHMR's loneliest moments. Whether it's when they're on the road solo or toiling through the same isolation we all experienced over the past two years, the duo found inspiration in some of their darkest times. The passion and pain can be heard throughout every inch of the EP, as they've embraced their solitary feelings and transformed them into a beautiful five-track record.

Check out the Waiting For Love, which was released on Monstercat, below.

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ARMNHMR Channel Inspiration Through Isolation On New EP, "Waiting For Love"

The beautiful five-track record is a galvanizing new chapter in the duo's career.

Fans were given an early taste of the emotive EP when ARMNHMR released its heartfelt singles, "Saving Lives" (with Bella Renee) and "Falling Apart" (with RUNN). These tracks set the tone, featuring phenomenal songwriting alongside moving lyrics provided by two of the most in-demand singers in electronic dance music. 

The other three tracks help carry a similar weight, such as the titular "Waiting For Love" (with neverwaves). "Can't Let You Go" (with Abandoned and RYNN) is the true climactic moment of the EP, while "Lonely Nights" (with Synymata and Medyk) plays the part of a gorgeous, piano-led outro.

Listen to Waiting For Love on streaming platforms here.