Blanke Releases Stunning 7-Track EP, “Land Of The Wayfarer”

Blanke kicked off 2022 the way we all wished he would: by teasing a new project for fans to sink their teeth into. And now the time has finally come—his Land of the Wayfarer EP has arrived by way of Ophelia Records.

Land of the Wayfarer is a clear evolution of Blanke's sound and is his most inspired project to date. Clocking in at seven tracks, the EP embraces the melodic, heartfelt side of Blanke's artistry. He had previously come into his own with his phenomenal string of releases last year, and this record is a culmination of that experience.

Land of the Wayfarer includes some of Blanke's most impressive songwriting thus far in his career. While most fans have probably already heard Lights Out" (with RUNN) and "Stuck On You" (with Donna Tella), the beauty doesn't end there. "Liftetime" (with Esther Sparks) continues on the trend of emotion-driven tunes as does the apex of the EP, a collab with Meggie York called "Only You."

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Blanke Press Photo 2021

Blanke Releases Stunning 7-Track EP, "Land Of The Wayfarer"

The hotly anticipated EP arrives by way of Ophelia Records.

While the EP mostly comprises love songs, two of its most interesting tracks are completely solo. Land of the Wayfarer opens with "Echo Chamber," a rapidly evolving cut that churns with melodic dubstep ferocity. Additionally, "Arc" lands firmly in the middle of the EP, providing a dose of heavy bass.

As Blanke's most complete work yet, Land of the Wayfarer is simply another impressive addition to his booming discography. It's a bona fide showcase of growth and determination. 

Listen to Land of the Wayfarer on streaming platforms here.