Autograf Bring Their Story to Life on Debut Album "The Ace of You"

Although Autograf boasts a dense and renowned discography, they have yet to deliver a full-length album to fans who have been waiting patiently. That has changed today, however, as the Chicago-born duo has finally delivered their debut album, The Ace Of You, via Armada Music

The Ace Of You showcases Autograf's diverse talents as producers, spinning a relatable tale through each of its 11 tracks. They elaborate that the album is not only a story of their upbringing, but also "an experience that isn't unique to [them]," and something meant to be "shared by all." The album puts an emphasis on life and the twists and turns that come along with it.

Fans have already heard a handful of tracks from the album, including "Ain't Deep Enough" with Jared Lee, "Easy" with Papa Ya, "Space" with KOLE, "Waiting" with Scorsi, and "Undivided." Each one serves as a dive into various sub-genres of house music. "Undivided" draws upon Eastern influence while "Easy" and "Waiting" take an upbeat, carefree approach to their product. 

The new songs released on The Ace Of You are just as thrilling. The opening track, "If You Never Loved Me" with Kaleena Zanders, is a heartfelt ballad professing love through its passionate lyrics and beautiful piano chords. "Bali" is also a notable moment on the LP, creatively using a handful of vocal samples alongside bouncy plucks and an intoxicating bassline. 

While the release of The Ace Of You is incredibly exciting, it almost fell through. "There was a point when we thought none of this would've happened. Autograf would've ceased to exist and there would be no album," Autograf said in a press release. "During the making of this album, we lost a bandmate for a moment due to mental illness and didn't think we'd continue on." Thankfully, Autograf was able to press on and deliver an excellent debut album.