Aweminus Shows Off Supernatural Sound Design With "Intergalactic" [Premiere]

Aweminus has become a staple of Never Say Die: Black Label, and despite just dropping his UGHH EP in late October, the rising star is making a welcomed re-appearance with "Intergalactic."

Aweminus' latest offering is a coordinated symphony of otherworldly sounds. Keeping time with the crisp clack of the snare, a series of melodic signals and biting basses ebb and flow in unpredictable succession. The arrangement alone appears to undergo a full evolutionary cycle, sneakily modulating from a slow grind to rigid chops to a slippery wobble as it weaves through an ecosystem of wonky bass patches. In other words, "Intergalactic" only reinforces Aweminus' status as one of the brightest sound designers in the bass music scene.

Check out the track below, premiered exclusively via

"Intergalactic" is enough to leave you with the thought as to whether this is what life will sound like when your household appliances inevitably decide to rise up, or when the aliens decide to make a well-timed move. In the absence of spoken word, this instrumental's textures speak volumes. 

Aweminus' "Intergalactic" is releasing via Never Say Die's upcoming Black Ops XL III compilation. Out in full this Friday, December 4th, the project additionally features contributions from Akeos, Syzy, Guillotine, and many more. You can pre-save the compilation here.