Ayri Drops “Closer”: A Fusion Of Love, Passion, & Dance Rhythms

ayri closer

Blossoming into a rising star in the music scene, Ayri takes her career to new heights with her latest release, “Closer.” Following the success of her previous chart-topper, “Shake,” the singer continues to captivate the industry with her spellbinding creation filled with longing and affection. Her vocals seamlessly meld with electrifying rhythms, resulting in an irresistible blend that encapsulates the essence of the ultimate summer dance anthem that will have listeners moving to its every beat.

The versatile artist boldly establishes her dominance, proclaiming her love, and weaving heartfelt verses. The song exudes a deep yearning to build a lasting connection. She wins over listeners with her charm and talent, singing: “If you want me baby just come & find me/ And if you need my love then I won’t deny ya/ Cause everybody wants somebody to hold them/ So don’t walk away from me just come closer.” 

Within the composition, Ayri spellbinds audiences with her overpowering passion. She surrenders to her desires, conveying them through the depth of her infectious rhythms and genuine lyrics: “Every time you hit that spot spot/ I just tell you please don’t stop stop/ pour another round more shot shot/s open anytime you knock knock/ Cause you always hit that spot spot/ And you know you never stop stop/ pour another round more shot shots/ open anytime you knock knock.”

“Closer” serves as an enchanting inclusion in Ayri’s forthcoming record, showcasing her remarkable ability to effortlessly meld various musical genres into a unified and enthralling song. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Adele, and Selena Gomez, she pushes artistic boundaries by incorporating lively rhythms and melodic influences from Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. In addition to this latest release, her upcoming album promises to feature standout tracks such as “Shake,” “La La La (Luv U),” and “Distance.”

Listen to “Closer” here: