Baauer Drops First New Music In Two Years, Reveals 2023 Album In the Works

Baauer is back—and you probably haven't heard him quite like this before.

Despite his inescapable connection to the outrageous "Harlem Shake," Baauer has time and again proven himself an aesthete of electronic music. And his newest track, "Let Me Love U," is a testament to his appreciation for the genre's holistic nature.

The single is a departure from the wacky and wonderful world of 2020's PLANET'S MAD, Baauer's alien-themed sophomore LP, which garnered his first-ever Grammy nomination. Eschewing the album's quirky synths and glitched-out bass, "Let Me Love U" functions as Baauer's first foray into house music.

The sun-kissed track, which Baauer said is a byproduct of his desire to produce "undeniably happy" music, is the first to arrive ahead of a brand new album. The LP is expected to release in early in 2023, according to a press release shared with

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Baauer's First New Music Since 2020 Is a Summery House Anthem: Listen

The Grammy-nominated producer also revealed a new album in the works.

Baauer also released a music video for "Let Me Love U," which he likened to a billet-doux to the Big Apple. Check out the video, directed by New York City creative Leia Jospé, below.

"I wanted to make something that’s undeniably happy. I just felt I wanted to hear that as we get back on the road again," Baauer said. "I wanted to make something huge. Over the top. For years now I've found myself recording sound on the street. For this one I wanted to try to catch the energy of New York as we start to move again… Pop has always been at its best in dance music where people genuinely come together."

You can stream "Let Me Love U" here.