“Baby I’m Good” Producer 5 Day Forecast Reflects On Music Industry Oversaturation

Open-format DJ and producer, 5 Day Forecast, who achieved notable success with the booming singles “Baby I’m Good” and “To The Edge,” recently opened up about the music industry, particularly the DJ market and its challenges.

The multi-genre producer who loves “being on a big stage” and “having the crowd super engaged”  talks about the highs and lows of the new emerging DJs and how the standards are slowly shifting.

5 Day Forecast confesses that “The biggest challenge right now is easily oversaturation in the market of music and DJ’s. Post COVID now that nightlife is booming again I’ve seen a resurgence in new DJ’s which is good and bad for the scene.”

He also mentions, “It’s good in that it forces you to step your game up and be unique but it’s bad in that some of the quality has dropped and the same goes with the production side. The problem is that everyone claims to be an “open format DJ” these days because that is what’s getting booked when in reality there’s only a few DJ’s who can actually navigate a ton of genres in a seamless fashion while keeping the crowd engaged.” 

“From the production side, it’s difficult being labeled as an open format DJ because it’s more of an uphill battle to get respect and visibility in the EDM/House music scene,” adds the producer.

With the recent release “Baby I’m Good,” 5 Day Forecast has earned a lot of praise and recognition, and was assigned as brand ambassador for the famous liquor brand Tequila 512. The all-round talent is excited to be performing New Years Eve at the MINT nightclub in Tampa, FL and plans to start “traveling a lot more, break away from the open format scene and go all in on the EDM/Festival scene” in 2023.

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