Enter The Holiday In Style & Watch “Rum Chata,” Resse P’s Catchy Christmas Anthem 

Enter the holiday in style and make sure to watch the music video titled “Rum Chata,” by Chicago-based artist Resse P. This timeless Christmas anthem pushes forth feelings of joy, love and unity with matching visuals shot by EXQLUSIVE. 

A funky urban banger, “Rum Chata” is Resse P’s most streamed track, a fan-favorite that gets its crowds moving during Christmas season. 

Resse P loves the simple life, and it’s quite inspiring to watch her having the fun of her life with her friends and family, who all together enjoy drinking the exquisite cream liqueur RumChata, a secret blend of rum, dairy cream, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and other flavorings. 

If you can’t stop playing “Rum Chata” on repeat, makes sure to check-out Resse P’s other releases, including “Chanel,” “Run It Up,” “Cocaina” and “F.T.O.S.”