Black Coffee Releases Defining Sophomore Album "Subconsciously"

Black Coffee has remained a global force not only in dance music but in the music industry as a whole. His critically-acclaimed debut album, Pieces Of Me, further spread his influence, landing him collaborations with high-profile artists including Drake and Alicia Keys. Today, Black Coffee has left an even more impactful mark with the release of his sophomore LP, Subconsciously, out via Ultra Records.

Subconsciously is yet another defining work for Black Coffee, transcending the boundaries of genres. In months prior, the South African artist has driven the momentum for the album by releasing monumental collaborations with the likes of Diplo and Pharell Williams. Additionally, Subconsciously features tracks with Maxine Ashley, Sabrina Claudio, Usher, David Guetta, Msaki, and many more. 

Subconsciously feels like a departure from his previous works, slowing things down and taking a downtempo approach. Across twelve tracks, Black Coffee shows that he has become even more comfortable in his refined sound. His take on house music strips away unnecessary complexities and allows his delicate touch and keen ear to do the talking. Subconsciously emphasizes subtleties, further accentuating Black Coffee's production mastery. 

"Flava" featuring Una Rams and Tellaman serves as one of the highlights from the album. Black Coffee has included a lush selection of percussion accompanied by rumbling basses and moments of flourishing piano chords. The sheer diversity of the track is more than enough to offer it praise, though its grooviness and soul makes it an absolute must-listen.

Subconsciously is Black Coffee's most complex, complete, and impressive work to date. It speaks to his artistry, allowing listeners to gather a better understanding of the direction the prolific artist wants to take his career. 

Listen to Subconsciously below.