Breakout British Artist Tiggi Hawke Drops Emotive New Single, "High Season"

After embarking on her singer-songwriter career at the age of just 15, London-born artist Tiggi Hawke has evolved past her softly resonating melodic roots into a breakout creator. Today, her sound revolves around intensely personal lyrics and creative blends of pop and electronic music, best demonstrated by her deep house-inspired June release, "Electric Sun.

With her most recent track, "High Season," released on November 27th, Hawke continues in the electronic-centric style of "Electric Sun." This time, however, she dives into the depths of bass music. Hawke's sugary sweet vocals draw a sharp, compelling contrast to the single's heavy, intensity-building downbeats and explosive drops. The blossoming Hawke described "High Season" best, calling it "a crazy vortex of double meanings" in a press release.

Check out the track below, which arrives by way of Armada Music.

"This single is a personal one. It’s about staying ‘high’ emotionally, something I openly struggle with, and that weirdly trippy/euphoric feeling when it actually does happen," Hawke continued. "It feels very liberating (and slightly scary!) to be so open emotionally and lyrically in this song and to share that almost out-of-body experience which I find myself looking for."

You can get familiar with Hawke and her body of work via the links below.