Burning Man Shows Up On Fire Detecting Satellite

Burning Man just wrapped up, with more than 70,000 revelers traveled to the Black Rock Desert for a week long celebration art and “radical self-expression.” The massive festival being held in such a remote location caused something interesting to trigger an alert on a satellite used for detecting wildfires.

National Weather Service Reno had posted on their Twitter that the GOES-16 satellite used to prevent and detect wildfires had been in the middle tracking a few wildfires that had been burning in northern CA and southern OR when all a sudden it picked up the activity happening at Burning Man.

Due to the area where the event is being held normally being dark with no activity, the satellite had been able to pick up the unusual activity and send the alert to the satellite.

It’s not everyday you hear a festival causing a satellite to send a prevention alert. With Burning Man practically in the books this year, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with anymore interesting news that pop up about this years festivities.

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