Check Out Cakeswagg’s Latest Music Video For “Big Plays”

Leading the Boston female rappers into a new era, Cakeswagg is on top of her game. Heer recent single “Big Plays” and its stunning music video continue to gain the attention they deserve, showcasing the creator’s skill and prowess. “I never leave any stone unturned when I’m working on a visual. As a theatre student I really love diving into the themes and characters I create. This is why for this video my team and I decided to really delve into the 1920’s. Just as the 1920’s was the birth of a new era in music, fashion, resilience and clearly defiance of rules that need to be broken, so are my plans for 2023,” Cakeswagg shared in an interview

Cakeswagg’s previous releases that have been highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike, include “Thank you black girl,” “Cheesecake,” and “Guapanese” from collections Cakeology and Candy Cake Season. Check out more Cakeswagg and follow her on Instagram!