CloZee Enlists 10 Artists to Deliver Expansive "Neon Jungle" Remix Pack

Nearly four months after the release of her album Neon Jungle, French producer CloZee has enlisted 10 diverse artists to remix each track from the album. Neon Jungle Remixes is avalable in full today, featuring Emancipator, Lane 8, Opiuo, Of The Trees, and more. The new album is released on CloZee's very own label, Odyzey Music.

CloZee is revered for her innate ability to dissolve the geographic and regional barriers existing in modern music by blending both organic and electronic sounds from around the world. In her original album, Neon Jungle, CloZee showcased major artistic evolution as she exhibited her power to transcend the "world bass" sounds to produce tracks with profound depths.

CloZee expressed gratitude earlier this week by writing "I’m so lucky to have ten amazing artists joining me for the Neon Jungle Remixes album" in an October 27th, 2020 post on Instagram.

Two tracks dropped earlier this month leading up to the full release of the remix bundle. On October 9th, 2020, the Lane 8 remix of "Neon Jungle" was released to kick things off. CloZee's original version is harmonic and bright, infused with her own uplifting tribal twist. Lane 8 chose to flip the song into an energetic house track by adding hypnotic drum kicks to the beat.

Just two weeks later, Opiuo's remix of "Heya" was the second tune released ahead of the Neon Jungle Remixes album. Originally, CloZee created a truly cinematic experience with this groovy track that had strong chords and soulful claps. Opiuo gave it a fast and futuristic feel by featuring unique synths throughout. About halfway through, there is a full-on funky glitch hop breakdown.

The entire layout has been reconfigured, no longer beginning with the track "Mirage," but with "Perfect" instead. Perhaps this is because CloZee feels the worldly album is "perfect" now by merging the diverse styles from artists around the world. The song "Perfect" is remixed by Of The Trees, who maintains a similar sound design to the original but adds an even deeper dimension by implementing his own organic—yet mystical—tribal sounds. 

Next up is LUZCID, who chimed in with a otherworldly, wobbly rendition of "Us," featuring The Kite String Tangle, followed by Emancipator's refreshing remix of "Nuages." Emancipator infused the track with thoughtful Middle Eastern influences and ethereal strings, creating an impressive new take on CloZee and 9 Theory's original.

"Amazonia" acquires its beautifully textured remix from il:lo, who deconstructs the original to deliver a softer rendition while adding a nuanced flare to the elegant track. Rome In Silver is another artist who produces music from influences around the world. In his remix of "Winter is Coming," the blossoming producer implements unique, uptempo drumming techniques and fluttering kicks, truly bringing a jungle vibe to the track. Next, Enamour delivers a progressive house take on "Air" while softening the original vocals from Sauvane.

Tripp St remixes "Long Live the Chill (feat. Sir Bishop)" by changing up the arrangement, adding bass-boosted soundscapes and juxtaposing the sounds with soft lyrical elements; a signature of the mysterious producer. FullyMaxxed takes a rhythmic spin on the original track "Mirage" with the bold addition of Xxelias' vocals, which compliment the title of the final song perfectly.