Cozway & Jon Casey Drop Low Key Banger On RL Grime's Sable Valley

RL Grime is crushing it right now (isn’t he always?) and so is everyone else featured on his imprint. The newest addition to to the Sable Valley family comes in the form “Ambush” by Cozway and Jon Casey.

The song is a beautiful, trap inspired production that never stays in one place for too long. As the song title “Ambush” suggests, there are many sneak attacks that happen with unexpected hits and unique drum placement. The result is well polished, but hard AF.

Sable Valley carries a certain, unexplainable vibe and “Ambush” definitely has the kind wow factor Grime is looking for. Not only is this a great fit for the label — it’s a low key banger.

Listen here and let us know what you think!

Sable Valley – “Ambush”