Crowd safety guide for venues published by industry experts

A "groundbreaking" new crowd safety guide for venues has been published by a team of industry experts.

A collaboration between the UK Crowd Management Association, Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), LIVE, and the UK Door Security Association, the best practice guide intends "to enhance crowd management practices in performance spaces and licensed venues across the United Kingdom," according to a press release.

The guide, which was created in response "to several high-profile incidents resulting in loss of life or serious injury", addresses various factors related to crowd management, from risk assessment to planning processes, and is aimed at indoor venues excluding arenas and sports venues with a capacity of over 5,000.

"The tragic incidents in recent years underscore the critical need for standardised and effective crowd management practices," says Anne Marie Chebib, spokesperson for the UK Crowd Management Association. "This guide represents a milestone in our collective efforts to prioritise safety and well-being in performance and licensed spaces."

"While this document serves as a valuable resource, it is important to recognise that it does not replace regulatory tools or official guidance," adds NTIA's Michael Kill. "Instead, it complements existing frameworks by offering practical insights and recommendations based on industry expertise."

Find out more and access the guide here.

The tragic incidents in question include Astroworld Festival in 2021, where 10 people died and thousands were left injured in a crowd crush. A year after the event, Will Pritchard examined the science, politics and history of crowd crushes at mass gatherings, and asked experts how organisers can make future large music events safer. Read the DJ Mag feature here.