French-language film about a fading DJ announced with Ed Banger’s So Me as director

Ed Banger affiliate So Me is directing an upcoming French film following a fading DJ.

The untitled thriller, currently in production, will star award-winning actor Vincent Cassel as Scorpex, an aging DJ whose fame has peaked as he gets recruited by a French intelligence agent (Laura Felpin) to target rising rival DJ Vestax, played by Mister V, according to Deadline. 'Nightcall' producer Kavinsky will also star.

The Netflix production will be the feature-length directorial debut from So Me, real name Bertrand Lagros de Langeron. The Parisian music producer is also a graphic designer and animator, as well as director. He first introduced Cassel's character of Scorpex in a 2021 6 X Confiné.e.s short film, inspired by his experience as Ed Banger Records art director. 

So Me's untitled Netflix feature began filming on 26th February. The release date is still to be announced. 

Ed Banger released Daft Punk cofounder Thomas Bangalter's latest solo scoring project, the soundtrack to Quentin Dupieux's new Salvador Dalí film, DAAAAAALÍ, in February. 

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See So Me's photo of Cassel as Scorpex from 2021 below.