Cyclops Recordings Drops Massive "Boot Camp" Compilation from Subtronics and Friends

Bass music heavyweight Subtronics has been dominating the scene with some massive music releases and DJ sets as of late. Now, his brand new imprint, Cyclops Recordings, has curated a slew of impressive tracks into a compilation LP that showcases some of the finest bass music of the year.

The Boot Camp LP features selections from the likes of phonon, Cavemen, Kill Feed, Akeos, Calcium, and more. Subtronics is also featured on the release with "Tractor Beam," a science fiction-inspired riddim monster with absolutely crushing bass work, previously released as a part of the "High Knees Headquarters" chapter of the three-part compilation.

The LP is also chock full of previously unheard tracks. Subtronics' collaboration with Chee, "Point Breeze," is a mechanical and bitcrushed hybrid trap offering from outer space. Smith. calls to mind classic UK dubstep with "Swing," a wobbly, reverberating number. Kill Feed's "Foolish" also takes on a hybrid trap feel, with wood block percussion elements and a chopped-and-screwed vocal sample that carries the track along nicely. Jiqui alludes to trance in the breakdown and buildup of the resonant "OTM," before unleashing a jarring and techy drop. 

A more modern-"Modern Talking" synth is prevalent on Nosphere's "Gaussian Traveller," which travels seamlessly between riddim and trap. EAZYBAKED, MOLOKAI, and Saka form a trifecta of futuristic sounds with an assortment of genre influences on "Killjoy."

"On The Block" is another collaborative effort, this time from G-Space and Cavemen, who use an accordion-esque synth to lead into a subtle yet grimy drop with fluid hip-hop elements. Control Freak and Vanfleet team up as well, for a crushing tearout dubstep banger called "Water Weight." BLVNKSPVCE's "Component-17" playfully pushes sci-fi, space age themes even further, with robotic sounds that emulate communication with extraterrestrials. LEVEL UP pushes for a more horror-themed offering with "Satan Works Alone," which sees a spooky and atmospheric buildup lead into absolute chaos at the drop. 

Abelation's "Killin 'Em" boasts some truly unique sound design, and Calcium's stunning "Deathwish" takes no prisoners on the tearout front. Subtronics also includes a VIP of his mega-hit "Scream Saver" to round the compilation out. 

Boot Camp features a whopping 19-track collection of even more of bass music's incredible rising talent, spanning a litany of sub-genres on the bass music gamut. It's an impressive showcase of the tight-knit Cyclops Recordings family, and a testament to the label's talent as a tastemaker in the world of bass. 

Cyclops Recordings' mammoth Boot Camp LP is out now, and available here.