D.O.D and The Melody Men Deliver Uplifting House Tune "Moments"

Dynamic British DJ and producer D.O.D has teamed up with The Melody Men—a multifaceted UK writing and production duo ironically made up of two women—for a new collaborative track.

During these unprecedented times, artists have had to seek out new avenues for inspiration. "Moments" was created to resonate with fans who have been forced to spend extended periods of time away from family and friends, delivering a much-needed dose of positivity.

The single consists of vocals echoing the burning question, "When will I see you again?" paired with an upbeat, melodic house arrangement. The inspiring song sets out invigorate listeners with hope and optimism about good things to come, while reminding us how important it is to cherish the special "Moments."

Check out the track below.


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