Deadmau5 Reveals Brand New Album

Deadmau5 released where’s the drop?, an orchestral compilation album, on March 30, 2018. Before that, his last studio album was 2016’s W:/2016ALBUM/. Now, it seems he’s ready to release the follow up to both, in a sense, with here’s the drop.

Answering the question the album before it, here’s the drop is set for release on October 4, 2019. Since the release  where’s the drop?, deadmau5 has only released a handful tracks, including the soundtrack for the Netflix film Polar. He also dropped “Polyphobia,” “Glivch,” and “Are You Not Afraid” with SHOTTY HORROH all on mau5ville: Level 3.

There’s no tracklist yet for here’s the drop, and we can cautiously assume that the tracks on Level 3 won’t be included. On a similar note, we don’t even know if this will follow where’s the drop?‘s format as a compilation album, or present as a studio album. It’s also been rumored it could be a remix album  where’s the drop?, with Tinlicker, No Mana, and Mr. Bill so far allegedly confirmed.

No matter, we’ll either find out when deadmau5 announces something himself or when a buy link goes live on Apple Music. Stay tuned!


Photo Virisa Young for Insomniac Events