Devin Wild Releases Hardstyle EP “ACID” on Scantraxx Records

Netherlands-based hardstyle artist Devin Wild has dropped a relentless, virtuosic EP dubbed ACID on Scantraxx Records.

The 9-track record is a sonic adventure from from start-to-finish, filled with piercing synth melodies, pitched kicks, and deep space reverbs and vocals. Each track is produced and engineered for festivals and clubs to push an insurmountable amount of energy into the audience.

Each tune on ACID has an interlude, which allows for a short recovery from the barrage of stimulating sounds. The titular track takes listeners through a journey into the unknown with distant pianos and eerie melodies. 

"It's Okay" slows things down in the beginning ever-so-slightly to allow listeners to re-emerge and come to ground themselves before the track takes off. The reassuring nature of "It's Okay" is sprinkled with shimmering pads, a ruthless kick-bass combination, and sharp transitional effects that lighten the senses.

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Devin Wild

Devin Wild Releases Hardstyle EP "ACID" on Scantraxx Records

"ACID" is a sonic adventure from the first beat to the last.

"Hypernova" takes off and crushes expectations like a garbage truck. Featuring a similar sample soundset as "It's Okay," the standout song features rap vocals and a swirling low end that refuses to let up.

ACID seems to be never-ending with its constant barrage of inventiveness, Wild closes it out with "Eternity," a seemingly blissful track at the beginning before it opens up and ravages through with heavy, atonal kicks.

Listen to the full EP below.