Diplo Calls Out Group of Girls Who Didn't Recognize Him Outside Headlining Show

Diplo just headlined Atlantic City’s Premier Nightclub, but not everyone coming out to see the show recognized him.

The DJ/producer was walking by when a group girls asked to take a photo outside the venue — without him in it. You’d think Diplo’s strong selfie arms and cowboy hat would be a dead giveaway. But, nope!

Being the gentleman that he is, Diplo took several photos from all the angles and with a great attitude. However, he couldn’t help but poke a little fun afterwards.

Diplo said:

These ladies must have had too much rosé and didn’t recognize how handsome I was because they asked me to take their picture in front the club I’m headlining tonight .. it’s ok though because I’m an experienced Instagram photographer and I knew the right angles.

These girls are probably kicking themselves today for not realizing they bushed shoulders with greatness.

Watch below.

Diplo @ Premier Nightclub


Photo Rukes.com