Disclosure Created a Song Sampling the Man Who Claimed "House Music is the Worst Songwriting"

A news program in the UK has drawn criticism from artists and fans alike after a critic said that "...house music is the worst songwriting." On Friday, Calvin Harris clapped back at the critic by sharing an Instagram post emphasizing how the genre affected his career and helped him win a songwriting award.

Taking things the next level with their response to the commenter, Disclosure used the critic's words to create a new house song. On Twitter, they shared a video showing the statement alongside one-half of the duo, Guy Lawrence, producing the track. In the video, you can see Lawrence formulating the tune and incorporating the vocal snippet. While it may be short, Disclosure's impressive songwriting skills are on full display and fans have already begun to ask when the full song will drop. 

In addition to being a fun, catchy track, to top it all off, the video ends with the critic's statement distorted to sound like it's coming from a clown or someone who inhaled helium and followed by a fart noise and poop emoji, signifying the reaction many of us had to his claim.

At the time of writing, it's not yet known if Disclosure plan to officially release their sample-fueled track.


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