Doctor P Doses Up On Future Bass with New Single "OD" [Premiere]

Doctor P is back with his first single following the release of his most recent album, Animal Vegetable Mineral, Pt. 2. With his latest work, the bass music kingpin has put aside his filthy basslines, instead turning his attention toward serving up a bright and lively set of synths with his latest, "OD" alongside KOOLKID

It's not everyday we hear Doctor P operating within the pop music framework, but "OD" is a timely reminder the "Big Boss" producer has an affinity for keeping listeners guessing. 

Subdued sonic textures gently usher in KOOLKID's verse as a progression of 8-bit style leads begins to emerge. Doctor P has made video game-inspired sonics his calling card in years past, and he's tailored the signature style to give the track just the right amount of energy leading into its chorus. 

The doctor made the right choice prescribing promising songwriter KOOLKID, who contributes a bona fide earworm of a hook. The UK artist is no secret to mainstream success, having written songs for BTS and Katy Perry, among others. It seems the singer has begun a blossoming career in the dance music space considering "OD" arrives just two weeks following his Spinnin' Records debut. 

"OD" is out now via Circus Records. You can find the single on your go-to streaming platform here.