Dr. Rubinstein releases debut EP, ‘Rubi’s Acid Spa’: Listen

Dr. Rubinstein has released her debut EP, 'Rubi's Acid Spa'. Listen to it below. 

Comprising three tracks, it marks the Berlin-based DJs first-ever release, and arrives via her newly launched label, Uppers & Downers. 

Speaking about the release, which channels the high-energy acid techno of her DJ sets, she said:  "The idea behind the label is my own personal journey as an undiagnosed autistic person. Growing up, I could never find my place or feel at home anywhere. The very first feelings of home – of belonging and mutual understanding – came to me on the dancefloor.

"I have never looked back, When I started DJing, I was able to channel this feeling of home to dancefloors all over the world in my sets, and after years of doing so, I feel ready and inspired to do the same as a music producer and label curator," she continued. 

Litsen to 'Rubi's Acid Spa' below.