Spotify Tunes Under 1000 Plays That Need To Be Heard

With Spotify’s new policy of demonetizing all tracks with under 1,000 streams, Attack has launched a playlist to help bring attention to music not getting heard.

When Spotify announced its new demonetization policy on April 1st, it seemed like an April Fool’s stunt. But it isn’t, and the streaming behemoth had already demonetized all tracks under 1,000 streams.

In a statement, the company announced the decision following a report published last year titled Modernising our royalty system. The report outlines that 99.5% of all streams on the platform “are of tracks that have above 1,000 streams.”

Amongst other changes published in the statement, the amendment to the streaming payout threshold follows on the back of fraudulent activity, especially those uploading white noise or nature sound. Whereas royalties would be paid on 30 seconds of play, now they require two minutes. You can read the full Spotify statement here.

Many may perceive this change as further stacking the odds against them, making the already challenging process of being heard even tougher. However, we’re committed to making a positive impact despite these challenges

We have made a Spotify playlist, ‘Tunes Under 1000 Plays That Need To Be Heard,’ to which we will add tracks we like, especially electronic music. We will continue to share the playlist as long as possible. We want to use our reach to help new artists get heard, but as we have seen over the past week, we are also seeing other artists discover each other – which is great.

If you want to submit a track, there are some submission guidelines below:

  • Please, no full albums’ or EPs. We do not have the resources to go through so much music.
  • We will prioritize electronic music as that’s what we’re about.
  • Please send only 1 or 2 tracks, maximum, as a Spotify link.
  • Please try to ensure it’s under 1,000 plays.
  • Please either DM us on TikTok or Instagram or use the contact form.

Lastly, we regret that we can’t respond to every submission. But do check the playlist or save it on Spotify, as it will be updated regularly for the time being.

Thank you!

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29th April, 2024