Premiere: Her Nice Too ‘Via Regina Elena’

Her Nice Too will release his debut EP, ‘Simple Guy, Big Town’, next week via Reveries. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Via Regina Elena’ below.

After being shelved back in 2018 when the Rome-based DJ and producer decided to focus on other projects, it seemed unlikely that the demos from ‘Simple Guy, Big Town’ would ever see the light of day. That was until fellow Reveries resident Alessandro heard them, and encouraged Her Nice Too to whip them into shape. Now, those demos emerge as a four-track suite of glossy lo-fi club fuel drawing on elements of UK bass and garage, old skool hip-hop, avant-pop and more.

Aptly described as a ‘coming of age story’, the EP kicks off with the smooth, glowing grooves and bouncy bass of ‘Via Regina Elena’, before moving into the more terse minor-key melodies of ‘Tour Life’. B1 ‘Meet Vasco’ cranks up the tempo for a frantic LMFAO-sampling romp, which only lets up once the collapsing drums and moody ambient tones of ‘Dream About Daddy’ take hold. An eccentric and energetic debut offering, it’s anyone’s guess what Her Nice Too might come up with next.

Catch the DJ performing at Rotondo Music Festival in Italy at the end of June. Tickets are still available here.

‘Simple Guy, Big Town’ is out 30th April via Reveries. Pre-order the EP here, and have an exclusive first listen to ‘Via Regina Elena’ below.