EDM.com Presents Synth Sisters, Vol. 4

There is so much talent within the electronic music community that it's difficult to keep a finger on its pulse. To assist you on your music discovery journey, EDM.com's monthly "Synth Sisters" series illuminates new releases from brilliant female producers of all genres and sizes with the hope of celebrating their contributions.

"Goddess (Sippy Remix)" - Krewella & NERVO

Sippy puts her spin on Krewella, NERVO, and Raja Kumari's collaborative Middle Eastern gem, "Goddess." The remix lands on the original's home of Thrive Music with implementations of blazing dubstep ingredients.

“Looking 4 Fame” - Meg Ward

Released via Monki's &Friends label, Meg Ward transfers the club experience into her latest 2-track EP, Looking 4 Fame. The title track spotlights a stomping bassline as listeners walk into the renowned techno limelight.

"Retrograde" - Green Matter

Green Matter welcomes her Earthlings to Mercury as it goes "Retrograde." Drum & bass dominate the planet as heavy space chops slice through the cosmos.

"Round Town" - Alfiya Glow

World-renowned violinist and producer Alfiya Glow recently unveiled her hypnotic and mesmerizing single "Round Town." Strings seamlessly merge with house rhythms to create a soul-stirring wonder.

“The Force" w/ Godmode - On The Hunt

On The Hunt recruits rapper Godmode for a fiery return to Magic Records. Prepare to be engulfed in powerful samurai trap as the two unleash an unstoppable force.

“Unholy (feat. Ghost in Real Life)” - Kleøpatra

Kleøpatra demolishes sound speakers everywhere with her cage-rattling beast, "Unholy." Featuring Ghost in Real Life on vocals, gritty bass frequencies overpower all that is holy, creating a lawless environment.

"Lullaby" - ENTITY

Drift into blissful reverie with ENTITY's dance spin on nostalgic childhood lullaby melodies. Featuring her own angelic vocal work, the mesmeric re-imagination is refreshing and unforgettably catchy.

"Beautiful Disaster" - Tek Savvy

Ominous siren calls lure unsuspecting victims into a dubstep abyss in Tek Savvy's latest smash. The mighty basslines take no prisoners as catastrophe inevitably ensues.

"Doomsday" - JEANIE and Jinx

Making their debut on Excision's Subsidia imprint, JEANIE and Jinx wreck havoc on its Night: Vol. 1 compilation. Stationed in a dystopian sonic environment, a robotic voice threatens destruction before the alien invasion strikes.

"Drifting" - Canabliss

Canabliss flows down a subterranean stream of 808s in this promising underground hit. Dynamic oscillations guide listeners through a cave of dark, wobble-laden currents.