EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 9

“Petra” - Bedouin

After a jaw-dropping hybrid set at Al Khazneh (The Great Treasury) in Petra, Jordan—one of the seven wonders of the modern world—melodic house duo Bedouin cemented the momentous performance with a track in the city’s namesake.

Evoking mystery and awe, Bedouin’s “Petra” offers a striking parallel to the historic tomb it pays testament to.

“Balsame” - Xinobi

Turkish baglama plucks, an infectious bassline, and Arâm’s fierce vocals bring “Balsame” to life. The titular track off Xinobi’s latest album is “about healing using the metaphor of the wine as a healer,” Xinobi explains. “Although here the wine represents a quick fix for the erratic person [or] creature Arâm is giving voice to, it should represent a bigger objective: healing permanently or at least fighting for stronger solutions.”

“Drone Me Up, Flashy”(&ME Remix) - DJ Koze ft. Sophia Kennedy

If &ME’s massive remix of Guy Gerber’s “What To Do” back in 2018 was any indication, the Keinemusik producer has a flair for crafting remixes that capture the attention of DJs and fans alike.

This time around, &ME takes DJ Koze’s “Drone Me Up, Flashy” for a spin, trading the atmospheric soundscape of the original for a driving dancefloor-ready beat.

“Mafalda” (Enamour Remix) - Dirty Doering

Mystic melodies, booming bass, and peppered percussion transform Dirty Doering’s “Mafalda” into a “dancefloor roller.”

“It’s guaranteed to work out any subwoofer you throw at it,” Enamour quipped.

“Hustler” - Martin Badder, Dances With White Girls

Martin Badder blends a relentless bassline with Dances With White Girls’ distinct vocals and amusing lyricism on “Hustler.”

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WhoMadeWho play a live set underneath glowing lights for a large crowd.

EDM.com Presents: The House Brew, Vol. 9

Bedouin, &ME, Enamour and more feature in the April 2022 edition of The House Brew.

“Drown” (Massano Remix) - Øostil, Juan Hansen

Massano’s remix of “Drown” carefully introduces and layers musical elements as the track charges forward through its 7-minute length, culminating in a high-octane acid-inspired final act.

“Melt” - Woo York

Ukrainian duo Woo York pair deep, wobbling synths with a steady kick on “Melt.” In its simplicity and focus, the track conjures a strange, sinister atmosphere.

“Echoes Of Silence” - Lexer

Lane 8’s seasonal mixtapes are chock-full of expertly curated melodic house. Lexer’s “Echoes Of Silence” was featured in the Spring 2022 edition, and found an official release on Radikon shortly after. A dramatic build-up that leads into a ferocious drop defines the track.

“UUUU” - WhoMadeWho, Rampa

The titular track off WhoMadeWho’s upcoming album, scheduled for release at the end of May, sees the Scandinavian trio link up with Rampa for a dreamy melodic house journey.

WhoMadeWho elaborated on the process behind the track, saying it "was one of those songs that kept haunting us for over a year."

"We started a beat together with Rampa on a very warm day in Frank Wiedemann’s studio in Berlin," they continued. "The initial beat only took an hour to make—we also created ‘Abu Simbel’ that same day. After that, we kept making changes and never got it right, we actually skipped it, but last minute we completely reworked all synths and we wrote completely new vocals together with Kat Frankie who also added some very nice female flavor to the song. This kind of process is what makes producing music both beautiful and stressful at the same time – you never know when you hit something significant. It might take 20 minutes or it might take a year."

“It’s All Over” (Moon Kyoo Remix) - Qrion

EDM.com’s Class of 2022 artist Qrion celebrated her debut album with a diverse collection of remixes. Off the remix album for I Hope It Lasts Forever, Moon Kyo’s reimagining of the ambient track “It’s All Over” keeps the spirit of the original alive, adorning it with mellow chords and moody drums.