Eric Prydz Announces Release Date for Fabled "Nopus" ID

It's an announcement that's been years in the making. Eric Prydz's "Nopus"—an unreleased track that has won over the hearts of fans—finally has an official release date.

To the delight of fans, Prydz adopted "Nopus" as the song's official title. Originally, it was a nickname fans colloquially used to refer to the track throughout its storied history. The uplifting progressive house single has been the crown jewel of Prydz's sets for quite some time, first appearing at the end of his EDC Las Vegas set in 2016. 

It was the sonic similarities to Prydz's "Opus" that led to the fabled track's "Nopus" nickname. Much like the former, "Nopus" is an epic sonic journey bursting with a colorful palette of interworking melodic synths. In August of this year, Prydz verbally committed to releasing the track after a fan waxed poetic that the song had the power to heal the world. We can only imagine the official version soon to be released has only gotten better with time.

The official release date for Prydz's "Nopus" is Friday, October 23rd.