Eric Prydz Teases New Music with This Mysterious Artist

Eric Prydz had an absolutely massive 2019, with multiple EPIC shows and the debut his newest HOLOSPHERE at Tomorrowland in July (though it was short lived). He also released three volumes PRYDA 15 with a total 27 new songs.

In 2020, it looks like he’ll be starting with another one his aliases, Cirez D, on a collaboration with Acki Kokotos. According to DJ Mag, the duo first teamed up in 2011 on the ‘Sirtos Madness / Tomorrow’ EP, with users trying to uncover Acki’s identity. It appears he’s just a regular dude, one Prydz’s friends from Sweden with no other music project.

Regardless, fans should be excited on this collaboration which Prydz says is “cooking.” We should be able to hear it soon enough!